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Best Touch Screen Solutions : India Customer – We are thrilled to announce a visit from one of our esteemed India customers this Wednesday afternoon. Moreover, this visit provided a valuable opportunity for a face-to-face discussion regarding our ongoing touch screen project.

Best Touch Screen Solutions – India Customer Background

Our visitor, a trader specializing in electronic hardware, is currently seeking suppliers capable of producing projected capacitive touch screens. Additionally, they seek solutions for converting existing displays into touch screens. This aligns perfectly with our expertise, opening doors for potential collaboration.

The Customer Inquiries

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The customer shared their ideal solution requirements: affordability, easy installation, aesthetic appeal, and high quality. Consequently, to address these needs, our engineers conducted on-site measurements of the 19-inch monitor the customer brought along. They noted that the monitor’s LCD screen and outer frame were very compact, leaving insufficient space for a projected capacitive touch screen without incurring customization costs. Understanding the customer’s preference for a hassle-free installation, we recommended our infrared screen products. These screens are not only of high quality but also feature a simple installation process, requiring just one USB cable.

The customer expressed satisfaction with our recommendation. Consequently, given the need to check our infrared screen inventory, the customer kindly agreed to leave the monitor with us for testing. During their stay in Shenzhen, we will create a detailed video demonstration of the installation and operational process. If everything proceeds smoothly, the customer will visit our factory to further explore the installation procedure.

This visit also allowed us to gain insights into the customer’s extensive range of business activities. Their product lineup includes laptops, desktops, servers, workstations, NAS, firewalls, graphics cards, game consoles, projectors, printers, and network switches.

We took this opportunity to showcase our company’s capabilities in the touch technology field. With over ten years of production experience and a team of 40 skilled technicians, we develop and deliver top-notch touch products effectively. We emphasized our ability to provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We look forward to a fruitful partnership and are excited about the possibilities this collaboration could bring to both our businesses. Stay tuned for further updates on our progress.

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