The Best Vending Machine Touch Display : Size and Characteristic

The Best Vending Machine Touch Display

The Best Vending Machine Touch Display : Size and Characteristic – Touch screen vending machines represent the latest in vending machine technology. Moreover, these advanced machines come equipped with interactive LCD touch screens, allowing consumers to make purchases quickly and conveniently. This innovation not only enhances the consumer experience but also adds significant value for machine operators and investors. Unlike traditional vending machines, which rely on physical buttons for selection, touch screen vending machines use an intuitive, human-friendly interface, offering a relaxed and modern shopping experience.

Benefits of The Best Vending Machine Touch Display

For consumers, touch screen vending machines offer a more intuitive and familiar purchasing process, akin to using smartphones or tablets. Additionally, the touch screens provide clear displays of product images and prices, simplifying the decision-making process. Based on feedback from Dropfoods, which operates smart vending machines in business centers and educational institutions, customers find touch screen vending machines easier to use than those with physical buttons.

Operators and investors also benefit significantly from touch screen vending machines. Furthermore, the touch screens can double as LCD displays for announcements and promotional content, capturing consumer attention and generating additional revenue through advertising. Selling display slots to brands and advertising agencies is particularly profitable in high-traffic locations.

Popular Touch Screen Vending Machine Models

Several models of touch screen vending machines are available, with the most common being the 32-inch and 49-inch versions.

  • 32-inch Touch Screen Vending Machines: These are frequently found in business centers, hospitals, and educational institutions. Their large capacity and clear product display through the LCD screen and glass product frame make them highly efficient for public areas.
  • 49-inch Touch Screen Vending Machines: Featuring a 49-inch touch screen, these machines offer a striking, modern appearance. They are typically installed in office buildings, apartments, airports, and international schools. The large LCD screen vividly displays all product images, enhancing user interaction and experience.

Features of LCD Touch Screen Displays in Vending Machines

The type, structure, and function of vending machines vary according to the goods sold. However, there are four common types of vending machines: beverage vending machines, food vending machines, ordinary vending machines, and cosmetic vending machines. Transitioning to the technology aspect, the touch screens used in vending machines are designed to withstand various conditions and provide optimal performance. Key features include:

  • 15-inch Capacitive Touch Screen
  • LED Backlight
  • Support for Embedded Installation
  • High Brightness
  • Multi-point Vandal-proof Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Fast LCD Response Time

Essential Factors for Vending Machine Touch Screens


The touch screen must be bright enough to be visible in various lighting conditions. For outdoor machines, the screen brightness should exceed 1000cd/㎡ to ensure visibility.


Touch screens must be designed for stability in diverse environments. They should be waterproof, resistant to low temperatures, and immune to electromagnetic interference to function reliably in all conditions.

Touch Technology

Vending machines commonly use capacitive and resistive touch screens, but the choice varies based on specific needs. For instance, infrared touch screens are preferable for environments where users might wear thick gloves.

Size and Resolution

The size and resolution of the touch screen are critical for functionality and user experience. While larger screens offer better visibility, they are more expensive to produce. Selecting the right size and resolution is key to balancing cost and performance.

In summary, touch screen vending machines revolutionize the vending industry by providing enhanced user interfaces and additional revenue streams through advertising. Their design and functionality cater to both consumer convenience and operator profitability, making them a valuable investment in the modern marketplace.

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