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Development History


Top One Tech Limited was established, which mainly engaged in touch screen, touch monitor, touch all-in-one computer. 


Our warehouse area expanded to 1000 square meters.


Our Brazil office was established, and we joined Shenzhen Software Association. 


Monthly sales of touch monitors exceeded 10000 units/month.


Our Korea Office was established and acquired local enterprise certification. 


Successfully received the Spanish customer inspection team.


The number of declared intellectual properly patents reached 30. 


The wholly-owned subsidiary, Rongguan Hardware Factory, and subsidiary Rongguan Caijing were established.


Relocation of the new office. 


A wholly-owned subsidiary, Rongguan Chip was established. 


We obtained the "specialized and special new" enterprise certification in Guangdong Province. 


Overseas partners origin countries and regions reached 50+


We established Rongguan Rio Tinto, Rongguan Zhituo. 


A branch was established to provide our customers with sheet metal product customization and production.

Key Team Members

Robert Luo

Robert is the chairman of the company, the main investor and shareholder of the company. Dr. Luo cares about both the development of the company and the growth of employees. He is mainly responsible for making the comprehensive company’s strategy.

Li Rong Rao

Rong Rao is the technical director of the company, with more than 30 years of experience in touch display technology. He used to work as the research and development director at Founder Group. Currently he is the major shareholder and vice president of Top One Tech ‘s touch monitor, touch screen and metal plate factories.

Elsie Yu

Elsie is the Sales Director of the company, with 13+ years of touch display sales experience, 6+ years of team management experience, as one of the company’s partners.

Allen Wu

Allen is the pre-sales and after-sales technical support manager of the company, with more than 10 years of pre-sales and after-sales support experience. He used to work as the technical support at Century Technology (Shenzhen).

Our Certificates


As a custom touch display manufacturer leader, Top OneTech has entered into agreements with leading and most innovative companies both nationally and internationally, enabling us to expand our portfolio of products and services through new high-margin solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Top One Tech is not only commited to being a custom touch display manufacturer but also firmly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility as an essential part of its business strategy. We are trying to contribute to social development and help vulnerable groups within our capabilities by making regular donations to UNICEF and Red Cross every month.

We want to be a company that reinvests part of its profits towards the improvement of our society, to make it a fairer and more balanced place for everyone.

We also make efforts to create more stable and secure employment opportunities and enable responsible management of our waste, and provide resources to vulnerable groups, with special emphasis on children to make contributions to the economic and environmental improvement of our society.

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