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When you look for touchscreen products, you can browse the product page on the official website. It is recommended to choose the appropriate touch product according to the application scene, operating system, touch method, outdoor or indoor use, and other requirements. If you cannot find the product that meets your requirements in the product list pages, you can go to the customized page and select the customized content to submit or directly contact us to explain the product size and usage scenarios, and we will have customer service staff to answer for you. We specially set up a customer service line providing free telephone and video call support, and answering touch product-related questions for customers.
Service Steps
  1. Get in touch with us by leaving a message on the website or sending an email, explaining the usage scenarios, sizes, and other requirements;
  2. According to the actual situation, if the requirements can be met by a regular product, the salesperson will provide you with the corresponding product specification and can deliver the product within 3-5 workdays ;
  3. 3. If the requirements cannot be met by a regular product, customized services can be provided, and the sales staff will take down your requirements after fully understanding your customized needs, and submit the customization requirements to technical engineers;
  4. Technical engineers will provide technical support, draw 2D/3D detailed drawings, and send them to you for confirmation;
  5. After the final confirmation from you, the cooperation is reached, and the delivery time will be finally confirmed;
  6. Regular products can be shipped right away if they are in stock, while customized products will take time to make samples, test samples, deliver samples and wait for customer confirmation before mass production and delivery.


During the quality guarantee period, if not caused by human factors, all repair, and parts replacement maintenance costs including the spare replacement parts will be covered by us without extra charge. After the warranty period, if you need to continue maintenance service, you can refer to the warranty terms. We can continue to supply you with some accessories if you need it.

  1. We provide free upgrade and update services for display system application software;
  2. We will give response to the customer’s maintenance and assistance requirements as soon as possible. When the customer submits a maintenance application, the company’s engineering and technical staff will analyze the problem and give a solution within 4 hours;
  3. After-sales product failure report should be submitted:
    Photos should be included: Product front photo, Product back photo, Product label photo, Product failure photo. Product failure in operation videos should be provided if photos cannot help the technical support staff figure out the problems.
  1. Supplementary Maintenance Instructions
    4.1. For hardware after-sales problems, we promise a direct free replacement of a new product if the failure happens within one month after the arrival of the goods, and it is a quality issue not caused by human factors like a wrong operation of opening the package box;
    4.2. For the one-year free warranty, all repair parts are provided free of charge, and we cover the freight of repair products within the year;
    4.3. For an extended warranty, the customer will need to pay for the repair parts and bear the freight, and our after-sales engineers will offer fix guidance remotely.

Note: The following conditions are not included in the free warranty

  1. Failure or damage caused by incorrect installation, storage, and use by the product user who did not follow the instructions;
  2. Failure or damage due to the use of other accessories that do not meet the requirements;
  3. Failure or damage caused by accidental factors or human reasons (including computer viruses, extrusion, bumps, scratches, high temperature, corrosion, etc.);
  4. Failure or damage caused by natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquakes, fires, typhoons, etc.);
  5. Other faults or damages not caused by product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other issues.


  1. We provide installation guidance, if you do not know how to install the product after receiving the goods, we will provide you with remote video guidance.
  2. For software problems, we provide free software and software installation and use guidance.

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