Touch Display Keyboard : Specially Tailored For Your Needs

Touch Display Keyboard : Specially Tailored For Your Needs – Are you searching for a solution provider offering highly customized solutions without exorbitant customization and mold opening costs? Do you struggle with operating menu keys on your touch monitor within a cabinet? Consider enhancing your setup with an external keypad tailored to your monitor’s specifications.

Furthermore, at Top One Tech, we specialize in providing innovative solutions to address the unique needs of our clients. Additionally, we proudly offer customized 21.5-inch and 22-inch touch monitors with external keypads, designed to enhance and streamline your user experience.

Touch Display Keyboard (1)-01

Moreover, Our 21.5-inch touch display keyboard is meticulously crafted to alleviate the operational constraints commonly encountered in cabinet installations. Furthermore, acknowledging constraints like tight cabinet design spaces or covered monitor backs hindering menu key accessibility, we engineered a seamless external keypad solution. Embraced by our customers, this plastic external keyboard has garnered acclaim for its functionality and convenience.

Customized 22inch Touch Display C2234SW

Expanding from our successful 21.5-inch touch display keyboard, we addressed challenges for an esteemed client in airport self-service kiosks. Moreover, they sought our assistance in sourcing discontinued C2234SW touch monitor and high mold opening costs.

In response, we recommended our 22-inch touch display as a viable alternative. Furthermore, by leveraging the design blueprint of our existing 21.5-inch touch display keyboard and utilizing the USB interface, our client seamlessly integrated the external keypad.¬†Impressed by the sample unit’s performance, our client ordered a bulk of 22-inch touch monitors, marking the start of a fruitful partnership.

Explore the 22-inch Touch Display Plastic Keyboard, including the design drawing, for seamless integration with your 22-inch Touch Monitor :

Touch Display Keyboard (2)-01Touch Display Keyboard (3)-01

Our commitment surpasses standard offerings. Furthermore, we prioritize customer satisfaction by tailoring solutions for monitors of varying sizes and innovating cost-effective functionalities.

Discover the potential with Top One Tech. Reach out today to discuss your needs and uncover how our customizable solutions can enhance your user experience :

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