Casino Gaming Market : A meeting with Philippine Client

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Casino Gaming Market : A meeting with Philippine Client – Our client, a prominent player in the casino gaming industry, revealed intriguing insights into its background, client engagements, product offerings, market penetration strategies, and collaboration opportunities. Moreover, let’s delve into the key takeaways from the discussion.

1.Philippine Casino Gaming Client Company Background:

Established in 2009, our client has carved a niche in brand distribution, notably partnering with renowned names like Japanese SEGA, Zitro, and Ape. With a diverse portfolio spanning gaming art, advanced gaming, and Ainsworth, our client also ventures into software production, catering to the Indian market, where its platform attracts a staggering audience of 420 million viewers daily. Operating across Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, and Malaysia, our client’s company maintains a robust presence, strategically locating offices in key markets.

2.Philippine Casino Gaming Client Engagement:

With two decades of experience in the gaming domain, our client serves stalwarts of the industry, collaborating extensively with gambling luminaries. The establishment of a subsidiary in the Philippines in 2009 underscores our client’s commitment to expanding its global footprint.

3.Philippine Casino Gaming Client Product Portfolio:

Our client’s range encompasses various gaming products, from sports gaming software to the distribution of slot and table gaming machines. Furthermore, notable products encompass jackpot electronic poker tables, chip distribution systems, payment terminals, and banknote validators, addressing varied gaming requirements.

4.Market Dynamics:

While our client’s company operates across multiple markets, manufacturers predominantly favor sourcing from the United States and Tovis, indicating prevailing market preferences.

5.Market Entry Strategies:

Our client deliberated on two avenues for entering the Philippines market: either through direct registration with PAGCOR, enabling the establishment of a proprietary brand within 1-3 months, or by leveraging their distribution network, facilitating local sales under a mutually beneficial agreement.

6.Regional Market Focus:

The roulette machine market thrives mainly in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and nearby regions, providing lucrative opportunities for market expansion and collaboration.

7.Collaboration Opportunities:

Their clients express replacement needs, particularly for monitor models such as 21.5-inch and 32-inch screens. However, while the quantities required are relatively modest, collaboration opportunities abound, with our client facilitating seamless procurement and distribution processes.


Essentially, our meeting illuminated the client’s dynamic presence in the gaming industry, encompassing strategic insights, market dynamics, and collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, as our client navigates the intricate gaming sector landscape, its proactive approach and industry expertise position it for sustained growth.

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