Philippine Gaming Market: Insights From The Meeting

Philippine Gaming Market

The meeting with Philippine Gaming Market company offer a glimpse into the strategic maneuvers and operational dynamics of the company within the Philippine gaming landscape. Let’s dive into the key highlights unveiled during the discussion.

1. Company Introduction:

The meeting began with introducing our company to the client. Top One Tech leads in professional touch display manufacturing, providing innovative solutions in touch screens, monitors, and all-in-one computers. Committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional service, we are shaping the future of gaming entertainment. Top One Tech was founded in 2010 with a registered capital of 6 million yuan. It encompasses 5,000 square meters for touch screen and displays, and 10,000 square meters for sheet metal, OEM self-service kiosks, and OEM vending machines.

2. Philippine Gaming Market – Client Company Background:

Delving into the client’s background, our client’s company sheds light on the Philippine office’s exclusive focus on the domestic market. Moreover, with over 40 personnel and a substantial presence of 2,500 machines in the Philippine gaming sphere, our client’s company underscores the absence of a touch screen supplier. Additionally, the company’s headquarters in Brazil primarily engages in software design, while Mexico takes the lead in cabinet production, boasting the highest sales figures. Furthermore, our client’s company extends its reach across Central America with offices in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, and beyond.

3. Machine Maintenance and Replacement:

Our client’s company outlines its meticulous approach to machine maintenance, emphasizing a process wherein defective machines are returned, replaced with units from the warehouse, and rigorously tested for functionality. Furthermore, with approximately 100 replacement needs annually in the Philippine market, our client’s company aims to ensure seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

4. Philippine Gaming Market – Future Production Prospects:

Anticipating future growth, our client’s company hints at potential production expansions within the next two years, indicative of the company’s strategic foresight and commitment to market expansion.

5. Philippine Gaming Market – Collaboration Opportunities:

Highlighting collaboration points, our client underscores the need for replacement components, particularly emphasizing the requirement for Elo1939L and 27-inch monitors. Additionally, they seek models customized to fit specific operational needs. Find out the replacement model for Elo1939L with Top One Tech Monitor. Click here.

Clear communication regarding replacement quantities, specifications, and visuals is crucial in facilitating seamless transactions. Moreover, our client explains its operating model in the Philippines, deploying machines on streets instead of partnering with traditional  casinos. This emphasizes leasing arrangements with operators and revenue-sharing agreements.

6. Operational Changes:

The meeting minutes also mention organizational shifts, with the former senior director resigning and the appointment of a new seasoned professional. Moreover, with a background in Mexican operations, the new senior director now oversees Asia operations. This transition underscores our client’s company commitment to continuity and effective leadership within its global operations.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, the meeting provided valuable insights into strategic initiatives, operational dynamics, and collaborative ventures within the Philippine gaming market. Additionally, as our client continues to navigate evolving industry trends and seize growth opportunities, its proactive approach and focus on customer-centric solutions position it as a key player in the dynamic landscape of gaming technology.

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