27 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch Screen


  • Thin and compact
  • Multi-touch
  • High Touch Sensitivity
  • Scratch-resistant and Wear-resistant
  • High Light Transmittance
  • Customizable

1. About the Product

The 27 inch projected capacitive touch screen is mainly composed of a cover plate, a touch sensor, and a touch control board. The capacitive touch screen technology uses a matrix of tiny electrodes under the glass surface. It works by utilizing the current induction of the human body. It has the following characteristics:

* Multi-touch (up to 10 fingers)

* Operating System: XP/Win7/Win8/Win10/Linux/Android

* High light transmittance

* Strong break-proof, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant: 6H hardness

* High touch sensitivity, fast response, no drift

* Thin and compact: 2mm thickness

2. Application Scenarios/Product

The 55 inch projected capacitive touch screen has become prevalent in the market and can be used in a variety of scenarios, including retail, finance, education, and manufacturing industry. The 55 inch projected capacitive touch screen can be simply integrated with industrial and commercial equipment like vending machine, gaming machine, CNC machine, ATM, etc. It can make the operating experience more efficient and simpler, and greatly improve the quality of finished products.

Vending Machine

Fuel Dispenser


Industrial Automation Equipment

Casino Equipment

Finance - ATM

3. Performance Parameters

Size: 27 Inches

Outline Dimension/ Outside Diameter: 649mm*389mm

Active Area: 598mm*336mm

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Thickness: 4.3mm (3mm cover+1.1mm ITO glass sensor+0.2mm SCA glue)

Total specification tolerance: ±0.1mm

ITO glass sensor: T=1.1±0.05mm

Cover glass: T=3±0.05mm

SCA glue=0.2mm

Connector Type: USB+IIC

Controller: ILI2312

-20℃~ + 70℃, ≤85% RH

 -30℃~ + 80℃, ≤85% RH

power cord, backlight, button board

Package: box

Others: plastic bags, instruction manual

Weight (without packaging): 2.8kg

Weight (including packaging): 4kg

Package Size:815mm*527mm*70mm

4. Warranty

We promise free after-sales maintenance services within one year due to product quality problems and can be extended to 3 years based on customer needs.

5. Document download

6. Support customization

In addition to the regular size of the 27 inch projected capacitive touch screen, we can also customize different specifications based on customers’ needs. The custom options include structure, shape, size, function, interface, etc.

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