Slot Machines Touch Monitors – Colombia Customer

Slot Machines Touch MonitorsSlot Machines Touch Monitors – Colombia Customer – A customer from Colombia needed to customize a batch of Slot Machines Touch Monitors. After many times of communication, and in-depth analysis of customer needs, combined with the customer’s test feedback, the size of the Slot Machines Touch Monitors suitable for the customer’s machine model was finally confirmed, and the customer placed an order for the touch monitor in batches and finished their project successfully.


Slot Machines Touch Monitors – Colombia Customer Background

The client is a Top10 slot machine manufacturer in Colombia. It not only has its own factory, but also has independently operated casinos, occupying a very large market share in the gaming industry.


Touch monitors are widely applied to slot machines, which each feature an equipped display screen. On traditional slot machines, the screen is not for touch. Players operate external joysticks or buttons to realize control of the screen. Now, with the development and promotion of touch technology, touch screens have replaced traditional screens along with the original button operation. The touch monitor can support one-point-touch and multi-touch, and the player can directly touch the screen, which is simple and fast, and the user experience is much better.


The varying sizes and structures of each slot machine necessitate the selection of touch monitors tailored to their specific requirements. Therefore, it is very necessary to fully understand the details of the slot machines used by customers before design and manufacture.


This customer has been in contact with us since 2019. We also provided touchscreen samples for this customer at that time. Through the first cooperation, we established a long-term partnership. Two years later, the customer came to us to customize and place the first touch monitor order.


Slot Machines Touch Monitors – Customer Requirements Analysis

We had provided complete touch solutions for many casinos before, so after we understood the customer’s product application scenarios, combined with our years of casino game machine and slot machine touch monitor manufacturing experience, we provided customers with a 23.8-inch customized solution for touch displays.

The Process of Customizing Communication with Customers

  1. The customer contacted us, seeking a 23-inch touch monitor that could be installed on the slot machine cabinet. Upon grasping their requirements, we produced a 23-inch touch monitor sample and dispatched it to the customer for testing.
  2. Based on initial customer testing feedback, it was observed that the 23-inch size did not completely fit the slot machine cabinet.
  3. We continued to recommend another 23-inch touch monitor. After testing this product, the customer remained unsatisfied and reported that it did not match the slot machine either.
  4. Following the second feedback, we conducted a thorough analysis with the customer regarding their slot machine, ultimately identifying the issue. Most overseas customers referred to both 23.6-inch and 23.8-inch touch monitors simply as 23-inch monitors, leading to errors in physical installation.
  5. Due to the customer’s urgency, we concluded that the 23.8-inch touch monitor best suited their actual application scenario after discussions. And it happened that another custom-made 23.8-inch touch monitor with narrow borders fully met this customer’s requirements.
  6. We established a detailed delivery schedule, alleviating the customer’s concerns about delays. After sending the sample for testing the third time, the feedback was positive.

Problem Resolved

In addition to the problem of size, the customer also complained about the color of the display screen. Upon receiving the sample, the customer noticed subtle chromatic aberration and pastel color rendering on the touch screen, promptly reporting the issue. Upon analysis, we discovered that the issue stemmed from the customer’s misunderstanding of the screen’s chromatic aberration.

We captured two sets of photos using Apple mobile phones and other ordinary ones for customers to compare display effects. The screen of Apple mobile phone is an original screen, and the picture presented is soft and clear. However, ordinary mobile phone screens utilize spliced screens, leading to noticeable color differences, resulting in a very bright appearance. This is actually a poor-quality screen and it is not friendly to the eyes. Similarly, our original touch monitor screens offer a standard, high-definition presentation effect that is gentle on the eyes. Our explanation convinced the customer, who then confirmed the order.



The production team expedited multiple production lines to meet the customer’s order quantity on the agreed date successfully. After passing multiple tests such as aging test, sensitivity test, and color test, the manufactured touch display ensured product quality. Finally, workers pack and transport all products to the dock for shipping to customers.

Throughout the entire process, from receiving customer requirements to customizing, testing, adjusting, re-testing, and obtaining customer approval, we maintain a service-oriented approach, emphasizing attention to detail. As long as you come to us, we will definitely provide you with personalized touch solutions.


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