Team Building at Xunliao Bay 2023 : Sun, Sand, and Smiles

Team Building at Xunliao Bay 2023 : Sun, Sand, and Smiles – Last weekend, all the girls and boys of the Top One Tech Shenzhen sales team had a wonderful time. The company organized a short trip and special team-building activities at Xunliao Bay. The aim was to foster better team cohesion and help everyone unwind after work.

Team Building at Xunliao Bay Itinerary

The itinerary generally followed the steps below:

Drive to Xunliao Bay after lunch last Friday→Sea-view Hotel Check-in→Karaoke and Barbecue on the Beach at night→Beach Activities (Speedboat + Snorkelling + Kayaking + Flyfish)from the next morning→Special Seafood Meal for Lunch—Return to Shenzhen

Located in the eastern part of Daya Bay within Guangdong’s Pearl River Delta, Xunliao Bay is a well-known vacation spot. Recognized for its diverse stones, clear waters, and white sands, it attracts visitors worldwide.

Team Building Activity

After everyone arrived at the destination and settled their luggage, they rested. Following sunset, barbecue grills and dining tables were set up by the sea. Then, with karaoke equipment on the beach, we began singing to enhance the fun. While everyone enjoyed food, songs, conversations, and games, the summer heat, sea breeze, and scent of seawater enhanced the joyous atmosphere.

Team Building at Xunliao Bay (1) Team Building at Xunliao Bay (2) Team Building at Xunliao Bay (3) Team Building at Xunliao Bay (4)

The following morning, after breakfast, everyone embarked from the coast to partake in a variety of sea recreation activities, including speedboating, snorkeling, kayaking, and flying fish. Every project is exciting and interesting. Initially, we departed from the coast for snorkeling, with the staff piloting a speedboat to transport us to the Wanhai Times Base. Upon arrival, the staff provided us with snorkeling props and guided us as we began snorkeling. We saw the beautiful marine life and landscape under the sea, which was really fun. After the snorkelling, we divided ourselves into groups and got on the kayaks. Each of us cooperated with our partners to paddle the paddle and made a happy kayaking experience. At last, we also took the most exciting and thrilling activity- flyfish. We rode the waves while we sat in the flyfish boat screaming and got all wet.

After experiencing all the activities, we took group photos separately and collectively to capture these precious moments. Finally, we bid farewell to the attractions and returned to Shenzhen.

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