Leading Touch and Display Suppliers Across the Globe

Leading Touch and Display Suppliers

Leading Touch and Display Suppliers Across the Globe – Touchscreen, the most widely used computer input device after the keyboard, mouse, and tablet, relies on a sensor at its core, comprising a touch detection component and a touch screen controller. Applied across numerous industries and seamlessly integrated with various machines, devices, instruments, and equipment, touch displays have garnered widespread adoption. With an abundance of touch and display suppliers scattered across different countries and regions, we’ll highlight some of the most renowned ones in this article. Despite originating from diverse backgrounds, targeting different regional markets and customers, and specializing in various fields, these leading touch and display suppliers are recognized globally.


Leading Touch and Display Suppliers – ELO :


Elo, a global supplier of capacitive and acoustic wave touch screens and touch monitors, initially focused on KIOSK and the gaming industry. However, as one of the pioneers of touchscreen products, its sales channels expanded worldwide, featuring high-quality, high-priced products primarily in mass production. Customization services were not a core aspect of its business model. Over time, Elo shifted its target market towards commercial POS machines, digital signage, and industrial products, moving away from gaming. Despite this transition, customers frequently complain about extended lead times, sometimes reaching 3-6 months. Additionally, reports suggest Elo’s reduced involvement in producing outdoor high-brightness touch displays, with its touch displays typically featuring brightness levels of 250-300 nits.


Leading Touch and Display Suppliers – Suzohapp:


SUZOHAPP, a distributor of touch monitors, caters to various industries such as KIOSK and gaming, with global distribution. Additionally, it is an early distributor of game accessories. Supplying both low-end and high-end touch monitors for casino and arcade machines, SUZOHAPP serves diverse markets worldwide. With distribution points in the United States, Poland, and the Netherlands, it operates through various channels, distributing a wide product range. Although customization isn’t their primary focus, SUZOHAPP also distributes banknote validators and printers, often collaborating with OEM factories, notably in China’s Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.


Leading Touch and Display Suppliers – Goldfinger:


Goldfinger, a monitor distributor based in the United States, supplies products for KIOSKs, vending machines, and game machines. Primarily targeting the low-end market, especially the arcade sector, the company’s quality standards are not stringent. Instead, it consistently seeks lower product prices. Consequently, customers considering cost over quality may find Goldfinger a suitable option.




Eurocoin, one of Europe’s largest display distributors, primarily focuses on distributing game accessories, akin to SUZOHAPP. Initially thriving, its business later contracted. Moreover, SUZOHAPP surpasses Eurocoin in comparison. With distribution points in Poland and the United Kingdom, Eurocoin recently expanded its presence in Germany.




Kortek, a renowned foundry, is fully authorized by Aristocrate (Australian) and provides OEM services to the company. Additionally, it has been a pioneer in the industry from the outset. Characterized by high quality and high prices, its products attract stable and consistent customer bases.




TPK, the leading touch solution supplier, offers customized solutions for various customer needs. Primarily serving clients in mobile, PC, and consumer electronics sectors, its core technology includes projected capacitive (P-Cap) touch solutions like glass on glass (G/G), glass on film (G/F), and single-glass solution (SGS).




After acquiring Microtouch, specializing in surface capacitive touch screen products, 3M established its Touch Screen Division. However, despite its high prices, 3M’s market share has been declining in recent years. Consequently, due to the high price of surface capacitors, the market has gradually lost favor, with fewer customers persisting in adopting 3M surface capacitors. Conversely, projected capacitive screens are gaining popularity, with customers increasingly embracing this technology.


PHILIPS Touchscreens:


Philips is well-known in various electronics sectors and notably recognized for digital signage and infrared touch screens in commercial settings. Offering high-quality touch monitors ranging from 43” to 84” in multi-touch with toughened glass, they’re ideal for wall-mounted and stand-mounted applications.




SHOEI achieved mass production of glass resistive touch panel types, delivering cutting-edge electronic components to advanced industries through unique technology methods. They have made quite a lot of achievements in the automotive touch panels produced for the automotive industry.


Top One Tech Ltd. is a leading touch and display suppliers, we are a professional manufacturer specializing in the customization, manufacture and sales services of touch screens, touch screen monitors and all-in-one touch screen computers. Founded in 2010, it is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, with a plant covering an area of 5,000 square meters. With more than ten years of experience in touch and display manufacturing, we prioritize quality, customer satisfaction, integrity, and mutual success. Our products have reached over 60 countries and regions globally, spanning Europe, America, and South America. All of our products have passed CE and FCC certifications.

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