Singaporean Gaming Customer: Key Insights Unveiled

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Singaporean Gaming Customer: Key Insights Unveiled – The recent visit of Top One Tech sales team to gaming customer in Singapore on April 16, 2024, provided valuable insights into the gaming industry landscape, particularly in terms of production, market preferences, and future prospects.

Top One Tech primary focus is to offer tailored OEM and ODM touch monitor solutions to customers. With distinct advantages in both hardware and software, we excel in serving gaming clientele. For over a decade, we’ve been collaborating with gaming clients from European and North American gaming partners and eagerly anticipate expanding our partnerships with gaming customers in Southeast Asia. Our company places significant emphasis on the Southeast Asian market, considering it a vital segment for our operations. Our trip to Southeast Asia aims to assess the market and forge new cooperative ventures within the region. We find great satisfaction in engaging with customers within the industry.

Singaporean Gaming Customer – The Key Takeaways from The Meeting:

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1.Geographical Operations:

Singapore serves as the headquarters, primarily focusing on research and development, while the manufacturing facility is located in Malaysia, specializing in assembly processes.

2.Singaporean Gaming Customer Slot Machine Production:

The main production of slot machines of the customer occurs in Taiwan. However, there’s an interest in diversifying suppliers to mainland China and establishing cooperation with Foshan. The ongoing epidemic has temporarily halted production, but Taiwanese manufacturers offer comprehensive machine design services and package deals encompassing body and screen production.

3.Cooperation Points with Singaporean Gaming Customer:

Customers seek collaboration with Top One Tech on entire machine assemblies, excluding internal systems and accessories. While Taiwanese manufacturers are preferred for design-centric projects, mainland manufacturers are considered for budget-conscious endeavors. Top One Tech is positioned as an alternative supplier, offering quotation references for specific projects.

4.Certification Requirements:

Accessories such as touch monitors need to be certified to meet industry standards.

5.Touch Display Specifications:

Customers prioritize large-sized touch displays, with the smallest size currently being 27 inches. Key focus areas include 4k resolution, multi-point touch capabilities, display thickness, interface options (DP, HDMI), and voltage stability (DC12 volts or other).

6.Top Screen Functionality:

Additionally, the top screen of slot machines serves for advertising purposes and requires USB connectivity. Two types of top screen monitors are in demand: standalone or HDMI-connected. Customers often purchase top and lower screen monitors as a set.

7.Monitor Sizes and Market Usage:

Moreover, conventional touch monitor sizes range from 27 inches to 43 inches. Annual usage of slot machines falls between 200 to 400 units, with monitors doubling or tripling in numbers. For table gaming, sizes vary based on customer preferences, with 17.19 inches being common and fan-shaped ones like 22 and 27 inches. The most competitive market lies in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines, particularly in the slot machine segment.

8.Upcoming Events:

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in June presents an opportunity for further exploration and networking.

9.Singaporean Gaming Customer Branch in Macau:

With a decade-long presence in Macau, The Singaporean Gaming Customer operates with a relatively small team.

10.Product Displays:

Customers showcased a range of slot machines from Taiwan, featuring 21.5-inch and 43-inch curved surfaces with lighting elements, signaling the introduction of a new brand series.

11.Software Development:

Furthermore, the Singaporean Gaming Customer prioritizes the development of proprietary software systems tailored for internal use, with future prospects geared towards selling complete machine solutions.

The insights gathered from this visit offer valuable direction for future strategies and collaborations within the gaming industry, positioning Top One Tech as a key player in this dynamic landscape.

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