ELO’s Raw Material Suppliers Industry Information Sharing

ELO's Raw Material Suppliers Industry Information Sharing

ELO’s Raw Material Suppliers Industry Information Sharing – Elo Touch Solutions, a global leader in interactive digital signage and touch technology, relies on a network of trusted suppliers to source raw materials for its diverse product portfolio. Let’s explore where Elo’s raw material suppliers come from and gain insights into their supplier expectations and requirements.

Elo’s Product Portfolio

Elo’s extensive product portfolio encompasses a wide range of interactive solutions, including:

  • Interactive digital signage spanning from 10 to 70 inches in size.
  • Touch computers tailored for various applications.
  • OEM touch screens and components.
  • Touch monitors designed for versatility and performance.

Hardware & Software Partners

Elo collaborates with a select group of hardware and software partners to enhance its product offerings. Some of Elo’s esteemed partners include:

  • Appetize

Appetize point of sale is the leading provider of POS software to sports, entertainment, education, retail, restaurants, zoos, theme parks & more.

  • Bite

Bite builds the most hospitable in-store experiences, starting with self-service kiosks that can recognize guests to improve the experience.

  • Toast

Toast Point of Sale combines powerful cloud-based software, payment processing, and beautiful hardware, all built for the restaurant industry.

  • BrightSign

BrightSign provides the world’s most reliable purpose-built media players for every digital signage vertical market and application.

  • DoubleBeam

Moreover, DoubleBeam is a cloud-based point of sale system with everything you need to get your business up and running.

  • Meridian

Additionally, Meridian is a fully integrated manufacturer of indoor and outdoor kiosks, interactive digital signage, and self-service software.

  • Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

Moreover, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. is an industry leader in the creative design and manufacturing of interactive kiosks.

  • QSR

Additionally, QSR Automations, the leading provider of kitchen automation, announced the launch of the ConnectSmart Platform, strengthening and simplifying company and product offerings.

  • inReality

Moreover, inReality is an open platform that leverages IoT sensor data to make venues safer and smarter. With Elo, we enable a Safe Entry solution that’s customizable, adaptable, smart, and mobile app-enabled.

Elo’s Raw Material Supplier Expectations and Requirements

Additionally, Elo maintains stringent expectations and requirements for its suppliers, ensuring the quality and reliability of its products. Suppliers can access Elo’s purchase order terms and Green Purchasing Guide through the Elo supplier portal.

  • Purchase Order Terms: Elo’s purchase order terms outline the terms and conditions governing supplier transactions. View Purchase Order Terms
  • Green Purchasing Guide: Elo’s Green Purchasing Guide provides guidelines for environmentally responsible procurement practices. Access Green Purchasing Guide

Additional Insights from the Industry

Moreover, for further insights into the intelligent interactive display industry and its supply chain dynamics, additional information is available for reference:

  • Industry Chain Analysis: Furthermore, delve into an in-depth analysis of the intelligent interactive display industry’s supply chain. View Industry Chain Analysis
  • Upstream Suppliers: Additionally, the main raw material suppliers for intelligent interactive screens, including PCBA boards, LCD panels, and touch panels. Key suppliers include BOE, TCL CSOT, AU Optronics, and Sharp.
  • Competitive Landscape: Moreover, the competitive landscape of the touch display industry, dominated by enterprises from China, Japan, South Korea, and East Asia. The shift of touch screen production and processing to mainland China is accelerating.
  • Midstream Manufacturers: Furthermore, the echelons of intelligent interactive display equipment manufacturers, ranging from European and American brands like ELO and NCR to manufacturers such as Chenzhan Optoelectronics, Avalue Technology, and Wufeng Technology.
  • Downstream Users: Additionally, The diverse end users of intelligent interactive screen terminals, primarily in commercial, industrial, and other fields.

Moreover, Elo’s commitment to sourcing high-quality raw materials and fostering strong partnerships with suppliers underscores its dedication to delivering innovative and reliable interactive solutions to customers worldwide.

Top One Tech Raw Material Suppliers

Furthermore, Top One Tech is a top-notch touch screen solutions featuring leading manufacturers like Taiwan’s EETI and South Korea’s ilitek. Moreover, our products range boasts brand new industrial A specification LCD screens sourced directly from renowned factories, including BOE, AUO, LG, SHARP, Samsung, and more. Finally, by selecting premium materials from these trusted suppliers, we guarantee superior quality in our touch LCD monitors, ensuring long-term functionality and satisfaction for our customers.

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