High-Brightness Touch Monitor: Customer Success Stories

High-Brightness Touch Monitor

High-Brightness Touch Monitor: Customer Success Stories – In today’s fast-paced digital world, the demand for high-quality display solutions is ever-increasing. High-brightness touch monitors have emerged as a crucial component in various industries, providing exceptional clarity and responsiveness even in challenging environments. This article delves into the remarkable success stories of our customers who have leveraged our high-brightness touch monitors to overcome unique challenges and achieve outstanding results. From enhancing gaming experiences to optimizing business operations, these stories highlight the transformative impact of innovative display technology on our clients’ success.

High-Brightness Touch Monitor: Customer Success Stories – Case Study 1: Austrian Family Business

Our first case involves an Austrian family business with a legacy spanning over 70 years. This customer, specializing in atomizing nozzles, spinnerets, and mechanical parts, recently expanded into kiosk products, initially requiring 10-20 units. They sought a reliable 15-inch touch monitor and, based on their diverse needs, we recommended three models suitable for indoor, semi-outdoor, and outdoor environments.

The customer expressed interest in two specific models: a standard brightness touch monitor for indoor use and a high-brightness touch monitor without a fan for semi-outdoor applications. They tested these products in 2021. While the touch monitors performed well, issues arose during their kiosk tests, delaying the product launch.

In early 2024, the customer reported that the fanless 15-inch high-brightness touch monitor went black under direct sunlight. This issue occurred because the product is designed for semi-outdoor use without direct sun exposure, as we had advised them in 2021.

To address their new requirement for a sunlit environment, we recommended a 15-inch high-brightness touch monitor with a fan and shared the product specifications. Finding it suitable, the customer placed an order for six units. The monitors were delivered on time, and the customer is set to begin testing.

High-Brightness Touch Monitor (5)Monitor (2)

We greatly appreciate the customer’s trust and support. Moreover, our team remains committed to assisting them, ensuring their kiosk project progresses smoothly, and fostering mutual growth.

Case Study 2: European Game Console Company

Our second case involves a well-established European game console company that contacted us in 2023. Specifically, they required a large, high-brightness display for their gaming consoles.

During video conferencing, we pinpointed their main challenge: large high-brightness displays overheating during use, affecting the gaming experience adversely.

Our engineers tested a 43-inch high-brightness display with a 1000 nits brightness level. Consequently, operating in an ambient temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, the display’s maximum surface temperature stabilized around 40 degrees Celsius.

We shared the test video and results with the customer, who found the 40-degree maximum temperature acceptable. Consequently, they ordered two samples for further testing.

High-Brightness Touch Monitor (3)Monitor

Both cases highlight our commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs. Moreover, we dedicate ourselves to supporting our clients and ensuring their projects succeed through innovative and reliable technology.

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