Helix Touch Monitor in Malaysian Casinos

Helix Touch Monitor in Malaysian Casinos

The Helix Touch Monitor is gaining popularity in Malaysian casinos for its innovative features and seamless gaming experience. With its intuitive touch interface and high-resolution display, players can enjoy a heightened level of engagement and excitement. The Helix Touch Monitor provides unmatched responsiveness and clarity, whether navigating game menus or interacting with on-screen elements, elevating Malaysian casino gaming.

Customer Background

Our Malaysian customer specializes in delivering industrial and embedded PC automation control, storage system, touch, AI GPU enterprise server, IoT, Industry 4.0, and security solutions.

Helix Touch Monitor in Malaysian Casinos

Upon noticing our touch display products and customization services on our website, the customer reached out to us with an inquiry. Subsequently, they expressed interest in purchasing replacement 27-inch touch monitors for their client’s Helix slot machines. Seeking compatibility with the Aristocrat gaming cabinet and the 27″ HELIX touch sensor, they needed a suitable replacement. However, as our 27-inch Helix touch monitor was still in the sampling stage, we notified them that supplying finished products might be delayed.

After explaining the situation to the customer, they expressed their willingness to purchase a sample for testing first. Subsequently, upon immediate testing of our 27-inch Helix touch monitor sample, the customer found all functions to be normal, except for screen flipping.

The First Feedback from the Customer

Upon receiving initial feedback, we speculated that the issue might be attributed to the interface between the Helix touch monitor and the game console. We immediately contacted the customer to identify the cause of the problem. At that time, there were no extra machines in our customer’s client’s casino, which made the test event trickier. We had no choice but wait for an appropriate timing. The customer was very anxious during this process. We had been actively providing new solutions to customers, and we even suggested the customer try other potential suppliers. Despite challenges, the customer was touched by our sincerity and professionalism. They maintained faith in our problem-solving abilities and continued collaboration.

The Second Test of the Helix Touch Monitor

For the second test, at the customer’s request for a separate power supply, we offered full assistance by sending a power adapter and cord. When the second test finished, the customer sent us the test report. The issue arose from the monitor’s compatibility with different game consoles, differing from those used in the casino’s gaming machines. The slot machine display corresponded to the latest Aristocrat Helix+ version, while the monitor we provided was for the Aristocrat Helix model.

Upon being informed by our customer, we dispatched two versions of the AD board with new programs and awaited their third test. After completing the third test, the customer reported that they had resolved the flipping problem. We were very happy to hear that. However, in this test, our adapter failed due to a short circuit. After discussing with the customer, we decided to re-send a new monitor to the customer. On January 24th, the customer successfully completed the fourth test, yielding positive results across the board. And the further two-week test run results of the monitor on the Aristocrat Helix+ slot machine were all good.

We really appreciate the support and trust from the customer during the whole test and communication process. We look forward to having more business and project cooperations with them in the coming year.

About Top One Tech

Established in 2010, Top One Tech is an OEM&ODM manufacturer specializing in R&D, customization, production, and sales of touch screens and monitors, integrating with various industries.

We generally can make touch displays for ATMs, Kiosks, gaming machines, etc. We can supply touch monitor replacement solutions for Aristocrt gaming machines like Aristocrat Helix, Aristocrat Helix+, Aristocrat Helix XT, Aristocrat Helix Slant, Aristocrat Helix+ Slant, Aristocrat Helix Superscreen Slant , Aristocrat Mars X. Currently, our offerings primarily include 23-inch Aristocrat Helix touch monitors for Aristocrat Gen7, Gen8, and Gen9 gaming cabinets.

We accept small-volume customization requirements and we aim to grow with our customers hand in hand.

Top One Tech’s branch provides customized sheet metal products, including cases, cabinets, parts, and complete ATMs, kiosks, vending machines, etc. In the gaming machine field, we can supply and customize Aristocrat gaming parts for our client’s gaming machines.

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