Top One Tech Sheet Metal Factory Visit by Client from Macau

Top One Tech Sheet Metal Factory Visit by Client from Macau

Top One Tech Sheet Metal Factory Visit (1)

We are so happy to have our old friend and client from Macau to visit Top One Tech Sheet Metal Factory and office this Thursday, and conduct on-site testing and assembly test of sheet metal products. The customers came via sea from Macau this time. We arrived at the port in advance to pick up the customers and we took them directly to have lunch after we met up.

Client Visit to Top One Tech Sheet Metal Factory

After the lunch, we took the customers to Top One Tech Sheet Metal Factory. When we arrived at the factory, we immediately conducted on-site assembly test on the sheet metal products required by the customer. During the assembly test, we found some problems. We actively provided modification solutions to the customer and discussed the possibility of the solutions with the customer. The customer also actively cooperated with to solve the problems. We told the customer that due to modifications, the originally agreed delivery date would be postponed by 2 working days. The customer expressed understanding. The customer and Top One Tech always put product quality first. During the entire customization and production process, we will keep in communication if there are any problems to ensure that customers receive satisfactory products.

Top One Tech Sheet Metal Factory Visit (2)Top One Tech Sheet Metal Factory Visit (3)

After the assembly test, we took the customer to visit our sheet metal factory production line and introduced the customer about the procedure one by one from cutting, bending, riveting, welding to surface treatment. We showed the customers how the product goes from a sheet to the desired finished product. We believe that the more customers know about our production and processing process, the more confidence and trust they will have to us.

Client Visit to Shenzhen Office

After finishing the trip to the factory, we took the customers to visit our sales department office. The customer met with our colleagues from the Shenzhen sales office. The customer also thoughtfully prepared red envelopes and gifts for us. We were very touched. While chatting in the office conference room, the customer also shared the market situation with us, which provided inspiration for our business development. Customers told us that they have been following us on Facebook. They’ve gained extensive knowledge about our company’s business trajectory and experiences, expressing recognition, trust, and optimism for our future progress.

We are not just business partners; we’re also friends who understand, trust, and share mutual feelings and aspirations. Due to the tight schedule, we sent the client back to the port after visiting the office. It was such a perfect meet and we look forward to meeting next time.

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