Game Kiosk Touch Monitor for Spanish Game Kiosk Distributor

Game Kiosk Touch Monitor for Spanish Game Kiosk Distributor – The collaboration with the Spanish game kiosk equipment distributor had its share of ups and downs, from initial communication to final delivery. Together, we successfully fulfilled the supply project, providing customized 23.8-inch game kiosk touch monitors to Spain’s second-largest game operator. Leveraging our expertise, we optimized the product’s structure and performance design, resulting in a significant enhancement of the final user experience. Currently, this customer is a longstanding partner of our company, initiating a new collaboration project each year without fail.


Game Kiosk Touch Monitor – Customer Background

The client is a large-scale and relatively impactful game kiosk distributor in Spain. In addition to game-related equipment, it also acts as an agent for printer sales and product assembly. It has a number of cooperative foundries. The client has been cooperating with local Top2 game operators.

At that time, our sales staff took the initiative to find them. They faced a challenge due to the absence of an adequate display supplier, depending solely on a Chinese foundry’s costly agency in Spain, undermining market competitiveness. Thus, they sought a direct connection with an original factory in China. The customer had relatively high requirements for lower prices, because of the fierce local competition in Spain. The customer hoped to get a quotation close to the ex-factory price of the factory in China.


Game Kiosk Touch Monitor – Communication Process

While meeting the customer’s price expectations is challenging, their commitment to business leads them to facilitate direct introductions to game operators, boosting profit margins for a nominal fee. Impressed by their sincerity, we decided to collaborate after evaluating their capabilities, requesting estimates of future market demand and purchasing projections.

Initiating Collaboration: A Strategic Partnership Begins

At the start of our collaboration, the customer supplied 3D design drawings and samples for the game kiosk touch monitor. After scrutinizing the customer’s drawings and samples, we recognized the necessity for optimizing the screen structure, prompting the addition of a lock screen bar.

Upon careful examination of the samples, we found that the original product design caused LED light leakage around the logo, impacting aesthetics. To enhance product user experience, we proposed adding an acrylic diffuser to the screen to diffuse the light source effectively. After intermittently communicating for a year, we shipped the customized sample, but the pandemic temporarily halted our cooperation progress.

Customer Satisfaction Sparks Bulk Ordering

Two years later, the customer reached a deal with their game operator client, resulting in our reception of the initial bulk order. In late 2021, the customer placed orders for more than 400 units of 23.8-inch custom touch monitors in October and 800 units in December. It is evident that the customer’s project has finally commenced and is progressing steadily. We finally shipped this batch of goods in January 2022. In 2022, the customer returned to reorder a 23.8-inch touch monitor, and we successfully delivered it by year’s end.

During this period, we kept in touch with the customer. Alongside tailored product design and production, we actively offer product-related suggestions and local supplier information to our customers. While searching for cabinet lock suppliers, we guided them to a reputable manufacturer in Zhejiang Province, offering reliability and quality. We equipped customers with a comprehensive progress timetable, aiding project advancement, and ensuring timely reminders for fund preparation, customs, and inspections.

Game Kiosk Touch Monitor

There was also an accident during this period. When the customer received the first sample, they found that the color of the LOGO was wrong. It should have been bright green, but it turned out to be gray-green. The customer was a little angry at the time. Upon receiving feedback, we promptly contacted the ink supplier, requesting adjustments to over 10 ink versions to meet requirements. Until the customer was satisfied, we covered all the related costs. The customer’s enduring impression of our prompt and sincere resolution urged us to maintain our collaborative relationship without interruption.

In addition to the 23.8-inch monitor, the customer also placed three repeated orders for the 21.5-inch touch monitor from us. Because it is a regular product for indoor use, the entire communication, production and delivery process went smoothly.


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