Touch Screen For Measurement Devices – American Customer

Introducing our cutting-edge touch screen for measurement devices, tailored to meet the needs of American customers. Whether you’re in the field of industrial manufacturing, scientific research, or any other sector requiring precise measurements, our touch screen delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Experience seamless interaction and optimized performance with our innovative solution, crafted with American customers in mind.

Touch Screen For Measurement Devices – American Customer

At that time, David, a customer from the United States, contacted us and placed an order for small batch customization of 50 18.5-inch touch monitors. The customer’s company is a measuring instrument manufacturer located in the United States. Although the measuring instrument industry was not a familiar field for us at that time, it was not a problem for us with our professional experience in the design and production of touch screens, and measuring instruments have always been one of the common application scenarios of the touch display. In order to save the customer’s cost and time, we recommend the regular 18.5-inch touch monitor of the K1 series to the customer considering this product also met the customer’s requirements. The delivery can be arranged directly after placing an order because there is no customization procedure.

After confirming cooperation and the order, the customer supplied a drawing, inquiring about a matching touch display just before payment. Upon thorough analysis, our engineers confirmed that the drawing specifications precisely match our custom 18.5-inch touch display for the LE series. Following confirmation with the customer, a sample was promptly dispatched for their review.

Touch Screen For Measurement Devices

After receiving the sample, the customer tested it and reported no problems, confirming its readiness for production. During production planning, we found damage to the LE series’ touch monitor mold, complicating arrangements for its manufacture. If we remade the mold, the cost would undoubtedly rise greatly. We discussed and decided to suspend the LE series 18.5-inch touch monitors’ production. We promptly informed the customer of the incident’s cause, engaged in a video call discussion, and offered a sincere apology.

Touch Screen For Measurement Devices – The Solution

After having the customer’s understanding and consent, the cooperation continued. Our engineers immediately sought other solutions. After discussing with the customer, we ultimately opted for aluminum alloy as the touch display frame, meeting their instrument installation requirements. And we sent a new sample to the customer for testing. Unfortunately, the sample test this time failed as the customer noted a relatively large R angle, rendering it incompatible with the measuring instrument.

We are very grateful to the customer for their understanding and full trust in us. Based on detailed requirements, we sourced a new aluminum material for the frame and adjusted the R angle accuracy to meet customer specifications. Ultimately, the sample passed the test, the customer approved the solution, and we proceeded to the production phase. The production team subjected the product to a standardized testing process to ensure completeness of all functions and appearance.


Touch Monitor Test

Upon completion of manufacturing each touch monitor, we conduct thorough tests to guarantee seamless operation throughout its lifecycle before shipment.

Test Generally Follows Steps:

  1. Vibration test;
  2. Installation specification test;
  3. 1.2 meters horizontal drop test;
  4. Power consumption test;
  5. IP65 protection level test;
  6. Wide temperature range operation test;
  7. Motherboard thermal test;

After finishing the aforementioned tests, we’ll conduct a 48-hour aging test on the touch monitors to ensure flawless operation before boxing them.

Product Packaging

Following the completion of the aging test, workers will meticulously box and pack the touch screen for measurement devices, adhering to strict procedures. We will paste a transparent protective film onto the touch screen to prevent dust accumulation. Next, we’ll place it in a bag, then in an inner box with foam padding, seal it with tape, and finally double-box it for protection. We will also conduct an anti-vibration test on the packaging to check the stability of the packaging.

We view each project involving unfamiliar fields or industries as both an opportunity and a challenge. Successfully solving every new problem encountered transforms it into a valuable experience. The advantage of Top One Tech lies in professional customization, small batch production(MOQ=1), and fast delivery within 15 days. Regardless of customization needs or order volume, we’re committed to wholeheartedly serving you and enhancing your business development efforts.

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