10.1-inch 1000nits Touchscreen-Australian Customer

10.1-inch 1000nits Touchscreen-Australian Customer – When it comes to demanding outdoor environments, precision and visibility are paramount. Introducing our cutting-edge 10.1-inch 1000nits touchscreen, meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous standards of Australian customers. Designed for optimal performance even in bright sunlight, this touchscreen offers unparalleled clarity and responsiveness, ensuring seamless interaction in any setting. Explore the perfect blend of innovation and reliability, tailored specifically for your needs.

10.1-inch 1000nits Touchscreen – Customer Background

The client primarily engages in soil, concrete, asphalt, and geosynthetics testing, and the client company operates one of Australia’s most trusted materials testing and geotechnical laboratories. The client company has established strong connections and cooperation with multinational corporations, joint ventures and governments.

10.1-inch 1000nits Touchscreen

Communication Process

The customer asked us to provide a touch display that can withstand high temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and be waterproof. Since the touch monitor will be placed in some special outdoor environment, it needs to work normally under strong sunlight, which means the screen display must meet the high contrast standard. The last requirement is that it must be connectable to Raspberry Pi.

After we knew completely about the customer’s requirements, we considered that the operating temperature range of our 10.1-inch high-brightness capacitive touch monitor is -30~80°C, which meets their high-temperature resistance requirements. The monitor adheres to NEMA3 and IEC IP65 frame sealing standards, ensuring it meets the customer’s waterproof requirements effectively. Furthermore, the display boasts a resolution of 1280*800 and a contrast ratio of 900:1, satisfying customers’ high contrast needs. It can be used outdoors under strong light, and it can also be connected to Raspberry Pi.

So, we sent the customer the specifications and product pictures of the existing 10.1-inch high-brightness capacitive touch display. After seeing it, the customer thought that it probably met their needs and decided to purchase a sample for testing. Customers tested the sample on their devices, confirming its functionality, and are now preparing to place bulk orders accordingly.

Top One Tech can provide customers with touch and display products used in special environments. The products can be compatible with precision equipment and multi-systems in different usage scenarios. We always strive to empathize with our clients and assist in saving costs for our customers. For example, we provide products that we have developed and proofed to help them save on customization and mold fees.

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