Outdoor Touchscreen Selection Guide

Outdoor Touchscreen

The outdoor application scenarios of the display cover billboards, outdoor vending machines, outdoor smart lockers, outdoor Kiosks, etc. Touch display products utilized in outdoor environments require specific features to endure varying outdoor conditions, ensuring prolonged lifecycle and stable performance. When selecting an outdoor touchscreen, consider factors such as screen type, waterproofing, durability, brightness, contrast, and other relevant features.

The Factors to Consider When Selecting an Outdoor Touchscreen

1.Screen type

Glossy screens offer superior color rendering but are susceptible to reflections and unsuitable for direct sunlight, whereas matte screens provide better anti-glare for outdoor use.

2.Waterproof and dustproof

In outdoor settings, rainwater, dust, and pollutants can impact touch display products, hence our recommendation for a protection level of IP65 or higher.

3.Feasible in the sun

When operating touch monitors outdoors, exposure to sunlight is inevitable, necessitating the selection of monitors with high brightness and anti-glare capabilities. We generally suggest using 1000-2500nits brightness.


Outdoor applications will face harsh environments, so durability is very important. In addition to being waterproof and dustproof, a touch screen should be anti-breakage, anti-vibration, and anti-scratch. Ensuring the touch screen functions optimally in high-temperature, low-temperature, or high-humidity conditions, as well as during frequent shaking, is essential.


Outdoor applications are often subject to damage by vandalism or accidental damage. It may cause the glass surface of the display to break. To prioritize public safety and mitigate economic loss, it’s crucial to utilize touch screens that resist shattering into small fragments upon impact.

6.Reliability and stability

In industrial outdoor settings, the touch screen must exhibit excellent anti-interference performance to ensure reliable and stable operation. You should study and test the quality of the touch display, the reputation of the supplier, and the after-sales service.


In addition to high brightness, contrast, and anti-glare features, a wide viewing angle ensures optimal visibility in various environmental conditions.

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Top One Tech offers high-quality outdoor touchscreens, monitors, and computers with high brightness, contrast, wide viewing angles, NEMA3 sealing, and IP65 waterproofing. Top One Tech is a professional manufacturer who provide customization and OED&ODM services for your touch displays.

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