Top One Tech Team Visits MGS in Macau

Top One Tech Team Visits MGS in Macau – The sales team of Shenzhen office headed to Macau to visit the 2023 MGS Entertainment Show (MGS) at Galaxy International Convention Center yesterday. This is the first time for its coming back since the pandemic.

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Top One Tech Team Visits MGS – About MGS

Starting from 2013, MGS is a professional B2B exhibition and platform which represents the true voice of the leisure entertainment and technology industry and a get together for the best of the best which represents the true voice of the leisure entertainment and technology industry. 2023 MGS is organized by the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association, with a total exhibition area of over 3,700 square meters and about 35 outstanding exhibitors, it attracts more than 3,000 professional visitors and tourists from home and abroad during its first show day.

Major exhibitors at MGS exhibition brought the latest products and games collected over the past 3 years, which attracted a large crowd of buyers and visitors to stop and observe.

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We have met with some old friends and also have connected with some new friends at the exhibition.

We met with the customer with whom we are in the progress of cooperation on the sheet metal project. The customer said that they would talk to their customer tomorrow and then give feedback. We hope his son’s hand injury will heal soon.

Top One Tech Team Visits MGS – Meet RGB

During Top One Tech Team Visits MGS in Macau, We went to RGB’s booth to talk with their people and gained some valuable industry information. RGB is a distributor of Aristocrat and Light & Wonder and is the exclusive agent of Light & Wonder in the Philippines. The Philippines is their main market. It is said that some casinos in the Philippines are operated by the government and licensed. And slot machines are relatively popular in the Philippine market. They sell the machines directly to local casinos, with annual sales of several thousand units in the Philippines. With more and more casinos opening in the Philippines, the gaming market is promising.

In other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, slot machines are not very popular because slot machines are not as profitable as table games. One of their salespersons told us Aristocrat sells very few 23-inch and 27-inch Helix models now, and they are less used in the casinos. Now they mainly use Aristocrat’s new models.

Their headquarters is in Malaysia, with factories and offices in Malaysia, and the factory produces tablecloths. Slot machine sales in Malaysia and Singapore are low and government regulations are stricter. There is only one relatively large casino in Malaysia, Genting Highlands and the other small casinos are in the form of clubs.

They are seeking machine parts replacement, particularly customized glass for L&W and Aristocrat machines’ front consoles due to its susceptibility to breakage. They are in search of affordable suppliers after finding previous quotations too costly. The customer said that if we can offer an appropriate price, they can make us as their supplier.

Top One Tech Team Meet LT Game

We talked with people of LT Game when Top One Tech Team Visits MGS in Macau. LT Game is one of the major gaming and casino providers in Macau, and it has offices in Zhuhai and Shenzhen. It provides a variety of products and services to casinos including gaming machine, casino system, cash handling solutions. LT Game is also one the organizer of the exhibition. The tables for gaming in Macau casinos are all supplied by LT Game. In the past, there were some disagreements with L&W on product patents, so LT quitted exhibiting on G2E and hosted this exhibition in Macau.

We saw LT Game’s slot machines on their stand. One of the slot machine consoles has two small screens. The upper small screen displays game membership information, gifts, and points. The lower small screen is a touch operation interface. The touch screen of another model is far away from the LCD screen.

A Meet with Berwyn

Berwyn distributes Jumbo and KONAMI slot machines, and Spintec roulette machines. The brands are mainly these three. They started the KONAMI business line from after-sales service. KONAMI has a small market share in Macau. The brand is very good, but its market share is not as high as that of leading brands in the industry such as Aristocrat, but the competition is relatively small. During the epidemic, their sales were relatively bleak, but now that it is open, the overall benefits are better.

They also gave us with some suggestions about cabinet business: the competition for complete machines is great, so we need to have some understanding of the complete slot machine industry, and it will be easier to do it if we have some reliable connections with the casinos.

People from LIGHT&WONDER told us that they cooperate with RGB in kiosk project. 43 and 27-inch monitors are widely used and all of their accessories purchased are assembled in Australia. Their Suppliers in the United States, Asia, and Australia are different. Australia supplier should be Tovis from South Korea.

We also found Simtech to be our potential partner in sheet metal business. Simtech supplies sheet metal and LED display components for the central section of the Light & Wonder slot machine cabinet.

We really gained a lot in the two-day exhibition visit and hope we will further expand our business in Asia.


About Top One Tech

Founded in 2010, Top One Tech has been a professional OEM&ODM manufacturer specializing in the R&D, customization, production and sales services of touch screens, touch monitors and all-in-one touch computers that can be integrated with various machines that are used in multiple industries including casinos, banking, industrial automation, medical equipment, point-of-sale, retail and transportation, industrial equipment, KIOSKs, etc.

We generally can make touch displays for gaming machines like slot machines, roulettes, ticketing machines, etc. We accept small-volume customization requirements and we are aimed to grow with our customers hand in hand.

Top One Tech also has a branch that can provide sheet metal product customization and production including metal cases, metal cabinets like slot machine cabinets, metal brackets, etc.

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