Top One Tech Factory Visit 2023 & Shenzhen Sales Team Training

Top One Tech Factory Visit and Training Session

Top One Tech arranged a visit and training session for the Shenzhen office sales team at the Top One Tech factory in late April. It is a great learning experience for them according to their feedback afterwards. Upon arrival at the Top One Tech touch monitor factory, the sales team was taken to the office showcasing certificates and awards. There is also a product sample display area in the office.

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Following the office tour, they visited the manufacturing area, assembly workshop, product testing room, aging room, and warehouse. Sales staff witnessing the production process firsthand enhances product understanding, aiding in better customer service and quicker understanding of specific needs. It can ease technical engineers’ workload and facilitate smoother communication between sales, customers, and engineers, improving overall efficiency. Salesmen expressed acquiring comprehensive product and processing knowledge during the factory visit, witnessing strict standards and modernized production environment.

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Training Session

After the visit, the sales team came to the meeting room to receive the training. This training mainly focuses on the sharing of product knowledge and business experience. Managers Wu and Yu, long-time heads of production and R&D, briefed our sales team on current products and processes. Managers focused on training sales by elaborating on various product types, including touch displays and customization options like brightness and interfaces.

They also detailed the post-production process, including product quality inspection, packaging, and shipping, ensuring strict adherence to standards before dispatch. At the training’s conclusion, our technical director and vice president, Mr. Li, shared personal insights and suggestions on products, technology, business, and the market.

Through this training, some salesmen reported that they discovered some previously overlooked details. For instance, when customers inquire about the price of customized products, the factory may need to disassemble the device to check part supply and costs. Hence, for customized needs, it’s essential to thoroughly understand and clarify the customer’s requirements in as much detail as possible. And at the same time, we should reserve some time for engineers to use in requirement assessment and customer communication.

There is also the storage issue of finished products. Alongside the storage environment, consider the duration of storage, as it determines how products are sampled to ensure quality. Previously, some customers experienced device breakdowns due to improper storage after receiving the products and beginning to use them. The devices had already been damaged to a certain extent. In future sales, it’s vital to remind customers to store products strictly according to their storage conditions to minimize damage rates.

Top One Tech Factory Tour – Sheet Metal Factory Tour

In the afternoon, Mr. Li guided our sales team to tour the Top One Tech sheet metal factory and its production line. The sheet metal business line is what our company will make efforts to develop in oversea markets. The sales team witnessed the entire metal plate processing process, from laser cutting and bending to press riveting, welding, painting, and finishing. The visiting laid the foundation for the subsequent business development.

Product Knowledge Session

Upon returning from the Top One Tech factory visit, our sales team resumed studying product details by disassembling devices in the office. Allen, director of pre-sales and after-sales technical support, presented product details, working mechanisms, and essential components of various products. Allen helped sales understand the product in detail by displaying the outside and inside of each product, combined with Q&A. He also imparted knowledge on identifying product damage causes through customer feedback, which proves beneficial for subsequent after-sales service.

Allen broadened his product knowledge, encompassing acoustic wave screens, capacitive screens, touch all-in-one computers, and side-lit capacitive touch displays. For example, acoustic wave screens offer superior optical performance, clarity, light transmission, and minimal reflection compared to capacitive screens. Capacitive screens are susceptible to drift due to the influence of electric or magnetic fields. However, dust, water droplets, oil stains, etc., easily affect the acoustic wave screen, requiring regular cleaning of the reflective array. The components of the capacitive touch display are touch glass and LCD screen. The touch all-in-one computer is based on the touch display and adds a motherboard, running memory, memory card, WiFi, etc. An Elo-compatible acoustic wave touch display connects with a protocol board on the control card to enable touch functionality.

The salesmen pledged to deepen their understanding of existing products and serve every customer better with a sincere service attitude.

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