Customer Visits in Europe at the End of 2023

After the BEGE exhibition, we started to do customer visits in Europe as planned who are casino operators, casino facility suppliers, and game solution providers to discuss our projects and potential business opportunities. The destinations of this customer visits in Europe are Bulgaria, Ireland, Spain, and Slovenia in order.

Before the exhibition, we had already visited two local customers in Bulgaria. The first Bulgarian customer we visited is from a start-up with 20 to 30 employees. This customer used to deal with online games and roulette (the round part in the middle of the roulette machine). They are currently developing slot machines. We talked about some of their projects and both expressed intentions to cooperate in the future.

Customer Visits in Europe (1)

The second Bulgarian customer we visited when we do customer visits in Europe is EGT. They are a manufacturer of slot machines who purchase parts and assemble machines by themselves. There are about 700 production employees and about 600 R&D employees. They are currently among the top 5 in the industry.

Customer Visits in Europe (2)

After BEGE, we visited a local customer in Bulgaria, and this is the last customer in Bulgaria we planned to visit for our customer visits in Europe. We embark on a journey from Sofia at dawn on the 24th, arriving at their company after nearly 4 hours. Following an exhibition the day prior, we provided the customer with a 43-inch curved-screen monitor and a 21.5-inch touch monitor for testing. Witnessing the test process alongside their boss at their factory, they expressed satisfaction with the contrast, display, and brightness of the samples. Additionally, fruitful discussions unfolded regarding their ongoing projects and potential future collaborations. After that, they entertained us with delicious traditional Bulgarian food. We exchanged gifts. The customer sent us local wine, which was really nice.

Customer Visits in Europe (3)

After Bulgaria, we set off early Saturday morning for Ireland. The first client in Ireland is to provide games and gaming equipment for casinos, with more than 8,000 employees in 15 countries and a 20-year history. This company deals with both online and offline business. We explore an impressive array of standard gaming equipment, including a large roulette setup complete with a standard and a roulette table, alongside a showcase of online games developed by the team in our client’s company. With a portfolio boasting thousands of online games, they anticipate their exclusive online releases coming soon. If the games get popular online, the games will be put into use offline in brick-and-mortar entertainment venues. The customer told us they plan to come to Shenzhen to visit our factory next year.

The second customer we visited in Ireland is located in Dublin. They are a family business with have 8 casinos in operation. They also online game business. Their boss is mainly responsible for running the casinos. They have requirements for touch monitors repair and replacement. The customer told us that there are many casinos in Ireland, but it is not so easy to get a casino license in Ireland now. Since many locals still find the traditional and old-fashioned games and gaming cabinets attractive, gaming machine parts and touch displays’ replacements are needed. With the difficulty to find this kind of supplier, they are happy to find us.

Then we met with two customers who are brothers dealing with casino business in Dublin on the morning of the 28th. We mainly talked about some industry information. The two brothers bought a casino together and ran it after the younger brother had been working in casino for more than ten years. They shared with us some business opportunities, such as slot machine printing paper, because it is a consumable material with great demand, and they told us we can also cooperate in the popular replacement accessories’ field in the future. Ireland has not yet regulated this field, and specific policies have not yet been released. They are still waiting for the policy. If the policy is favorable, customers will expand their business.

The coming day, we left Ireland and went to Spain to meet with the partner there who we have cooperated with for several years. They are renovating their new office to expand the office space. We mainly discuss some projects under progress and each other’s future business development directions. They told us they will focus more on innovative technology and project-based solutions and services in the future, and gradually decrease distribution business. They will also introduce our products to customers who have higher quality requirements. We hope we will grow together and the two companies’ business will have a booming future.

After Spain, we came to Slovenia. On Friday, December 1, we met with two Slovenian customers. The first customer has been doing roulette machine and slot machine assembly business since its establishment in 2018. We also met this customer when we were in Europe this March. We learned that there have been many changes since last time we met. They have opened up new markets with their strong marketing capabilities. Their current supply is relatively stable, and there are no new needs or projects for the time being. The customer said that there would be opportunities for cooperation in sheet metal and touch monitors in the future as long as we can provide them with the best price and best quality products.

The second customer is from a casino operated by Novomatic. They are interested in touch displays, touch screens, and they have 10 casinos locally in Slovenia and more than a hundred casinos in Europe. The customer needs to customize touch displays and will send us samples later. The customer has been working in casino for 18 years. He told us that the origin of roulette started in Slovenia, so all the roulette machines in the world came from Slovenia.

We are really grateful for our customers’ kindness and support during this Europe visit, and look forward for more cooperation and contact in the coming days.


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We generally can make touch displays for gaming machines like slot machines, roulettes, ticketing machines, etc. We accept small-volume customization requirements and we are aimed to grow with our customers hand in hand.

Top One Tech also has a branch that can provide sheet metal product customization and production including metal cases, metal cabinets like slot machine cabinets, metal brackets, etc.

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