Customized 3M Compatible Monitor for Airport KIOSK

Customized 3M Compatible MonitorCustomized 3M Compatible Monitor for Airport KIOSK – The client is an airport KIOSK solution provider and they needed to find a device that could replace the touch display on their existing KIOSK. Their customer’s previous KIOSK used 3M’s 22-inch touch monitor. But this monitor has been discontinued in the market. So, the customer found us and wanted to customize a monitor for replacement. In addition, considering the convenience of use, the customer wanted a customized 3M compatible monitor with OSD buttons.

Before officially confirming the customized order, the customer expressed their desire to independently test our standard touch monitor to assess its quality. Upon purchasing the sample for testing, the customer provided feedback, confirming that the sample performed excellently during testing.

Customized 3M Compatible Monitor – The Customization Process

After receiving confirmation that the sample performed exceptionally well during testing, we proceeded to initiate the customization process. First, we discussed the detailed requirements together, and the engineers gave an evaluation plan according to the customer’s needs. The customer also provided the drawing of the touch monitor with OSD that they were currently using. With our extensive experience in OSD solutions, engineers promptly optimized the design using the customer’s drawings and conducted additional evaluations.

Taking into account the customer’s requirements for discontinued 3M device compatibility and OSD button customization, we notified them that the minimum order quantity previously was 50pcs. However, the customer said that the replacement needs of their customers were usually not that much. Their customer would replace the touch monitors if they were damaged and confirmed to be beyond repair. A large number of one-time replacements were rarely necessary. Especially in the early stage of cooperation, it is difficult to meet such a quantity demand at one time. Ultimately, we two parties negotiated and decided that we can accept 20pcs small-batch customization to fully support customers.

Afterwards, we did not immediately produce these 20 monitors. Rather than receiving one, we crafted a customized sample and sent it to the customer after they confirmed the design drawing. After the sample passed the test, we went into mass production of the rest of the equipment.

US customers provided feedback on the first batch of custom touch monitors replaced on KIOSKs, reporting that all monitors work well. In the future, customers will keep ordering the same product, saving time by skipping customized communication, design, and sample testing processes. Customers find it very gratifying to discover a dependable and cost-effective supplier and partner for replaceable touch displays.

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