The South African Customer’s First Order of 22-inch Viridan Aristocrat Compatible Monitor Delivered

A new customer from South Africa made first order for 22-inch Viridan Aristocrat compatible monitor. The customer is a purchase manager from a South African company that provides electronic product solutions. He is helping his customer purchase touch monitors.

The customer made an inquiry from The customer told us he needs two 22-inch monitors compatible with Viridan aristocrat. We sent product specifications to the customer and he confirmed the monitor can meet their requirements after checking the specifications. So we sent them quotations. Since we have not connected before, he was not sure about our product quality control and delivery capability, decided to place an order for only one unit. We totally understood his concern and started to prepare for the monitor delivery immediately. After the order, we actively followed up with the customer and maintained close contact with the customer. He placed another order for a second unit then. Finally, the two monitors were successfully delivered to the customer. The customer also gave us feedback about the two monitors. We are so happy that the test went well and the customer was very satisfied about it.

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