The Review of Top One Tech’s First Day at BEGE

It seems that 2023 BEGE has made a successful opening day. This year, BEGE witness exhibitors from 65 countries on three continents, bring innovative solutions for the industry and shaping trends for the industry future. Many exhibitors and visitors from manufacturers and suppliers, land-based and online operators, payment service providers, media and associations come together to the exhibition to exchange business opportunities and industry insights. And Top One Tech team also made a success on the first time of emerging on BEGE. We meet with many customers and friends on the first day of the exhibition, which is really great.

We invited our customers from Synot, MERKUR, CT, etc. to our exhibition. Synot is a Czech company, and game is only a part of its business. It is in expansion stage with an ambition to the global market. MERKUR is a German company, and its factory is located in Germany. MERKUR mainly targets the European markets and South American markets. The customer from MERKUR said that if we would exhibit at the ICE next year, he can help us arrange all the stuff there and we can discuss the purchasing details at that time. Customers from CT told us they currently have no problems with the display we supplied. They suggested that we can try making double-sided displays because they find the displays that they currently get is too thick and they want ones thinner. And they will send us specific information later. Another customer is from Alfastreet who we made an appointment before was flying to Egypt and cannot come, so they arranged for us to meet with another software product manager. And we talked about some software things. We send some Chinese calligraphy and painting gifts to our old customers and friends here, and they tell us they like it very much.

In addition to these old friends, we also make acquaintance with some new friends and exchange our each other’s business needs. We will keep in touch when we are back to our country.

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Top One Tech Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design, research and development, manufacture and sales services of touch display solutions, touch screens, touch monitors, touch computers, and sheet metal cabinets, cases, accessories for gaming machines, vending machines, and payment terminals, etc. Founded in 2010, we have been providing services and supplying products for device manufacturers, solution providers, developers, and distributors to realize and optimize their product’s touch and display performances.

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