Top One Tech’s gaming touch monitors are applicable to a wide range of gaming machines in casinos such as slots, roulette, baccarat, jukebox, lottery machines, and so on. 

 We can provide product appearances (color, shape, size, etc.), product display performance (pixel, brightness, anti-glare, etc.), software (Windows, Android, IOS, Raspberry, etc.), and mainstream brand product (Elo, 3M, etc.) compatibility customization.

Top One Tech Touch Monitor Factory's Capabilities

High Value for Lower Price

10+ years of customization experience and being committed to cost control for customers. NRE charges can be at a very low level. Up to one-third of the price of Elo, and half of the price of Korean and Taiwanese manufacturers.


No volume limits or minimum order quantity requirements. Small-volume customization and production can help you control inventory and cost, and make adjustments according to your own customers and target markets’ changes. We also guarantee worry-free returns and exchanges.

Highly Efficient Supply Chain

The supply chain is mature and complete, the production capacity is sufficient, and the delivery can be made within 15 days.

Professional Technical Consultant

We offer free technology requirement evaluation. The technical staff have over 10 years' experience and have served well-known manufacturers before.

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