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Who We ARE

We have 10+ years of experience

Top One Tech Ltd. is a professional touch display manufacturer specializing in the design, research and development, manufacture and sales services of touch screen, touch screen monitor, all-in-one touch screen computer, as well as sheet metal products. We are located in Shenzhen, China with over 10,000 square meters facility and over 30 technicans. We have been involved in the touch display industry for over 10 years.

Your Reliable Touch display and Soltion Supplier and Partner

Competitive Price, Controllable Cost

  • Customers from Europe, Asia and other countries and regions choose us as their product production cost control partner.
  • We reuse existing product models for modification and optimization as much as possible, thereby reducing the cost of mold opening, etc.

Stable Product Quality

  • Focus on touch display customization
  • Draw and Confirm 2D and 3D models before sample production
  • Provide sample testing - mass production will be carried out after passing the sample testing
  • Provide product optimization solutions based on the shortcomings of customers' existing display products to achieve better performance

Stable and Mature Supply Chain

The core business team and factory are located in Shenzhen, where we can quickly and stably obtain production components.

Gaming Machine  Display Replacement

Meet the display replacement needs of gaming machines and be compatible with many mainstream gaming machines especially Aristocrat Helix machines.

Fast Delivery

We try our best to comply with customer’s project and catch the customer's deadline.

PCAP and High-brightness Touch Display

  • Customization and production of PCAP and high-brightness touch screens are our strengths.
  • We can produce models that are hard to find on the market, such as 22-inch PCAP touch screens

Sheet Metal Customization

In addition to touch displays, we can also provide sheet metal product customization like metal cases, metal cabinets, metal covers, etc.

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