Case-Small-batch Customization of Game Cabinet Monitor for a Slovenian Start-up

At the beginning of the establishment, the customer in Slovenia encountered a difficulty. They needed the monitors used in the game cabinets. Where could they find a touch monitor supplier that met the requirements and was willing to accept their small-volume orders? By chance, they found Top One Tech.

The Slovenian customer needed 23.8-inch non-touch monitors and 43-inch touch monitors at that time. Their budget was not high, the quantity was small, the customization of 43-inch touch monitors was not easy in technology and the customization cost was difficult to keep down. Top One Tech assisted the customer to design solutions according to their positioning in the target market, and proposed an optimized solution for the displays’ side light solution originally proposed by the customer, helping customers cut costs, and finally, the touch display with front light perfectly fitted the game cabinet, the use experience far exceeded the customer’s expectation. Since then, the scale of the customer company has also continued to expand, and it has already reached a decent scale.

Customer Background

This client is from Slovenia. His company is a start-up company and a manufacturer of game machine cabinets, providing game machines and related services for casinos. When it comes to game consoles, the touch monitor is the most important accessory and the core of the player experience, so it is very important to choose a good quality touch monitor.

We learned that the customer’s original touch monitor supplier was from Korea, and he had never cooperated with a Chinese touch monitor supplier before, so he was not very familiar with the Chinese market. They found and contacted us because the price of the touch monitor provided by the Korean supplier was too high. The difficulty in providing customized services for this client is that as a start-up company, they are very sensitive to price and the budget is limited, and the 43Inch touch display to be customized has some technical difficulties and high customization costs issues.

Cooperation and Communication Process

  1. The customer put forward a demand for a 23.8-inch monitor without touch function and a 43-inch touch monitor. We analyzed their requirements and quoted.
  2. The first quotation does not meet the customer’s budget. We understand this and further provide a customized solution for the 43-inch front-light touch monitor according to the customer’s budget.
  3. Considering we had customized 21.5-inch and 23.8-inch touch monitors for other customers before, it is not difficult to do the customization of the 23.8-inch monitor. Although we did not have much experience in customizing large-size touch displays like 43-inch ones at that time, we referred to our experience in customizing smaller-size displays, and finally, we made touch displays that meet customer needs successfully.
  4. We also discussed in detail how to better present the 43-inch touch display on the game cabinet, and proposed various solutions. The side lights of the touch monitor will be easily blocked by the cabinet. Obviously, it did not meet the requirements, and the cost was high, so we recommended using front-out lights, which can be installed vertically on the cabinet.

Product Problems and Solutions


  1. There was serious light leakage from the LED lights on the screen. At first, Top One Tech’s engineers suggested cutting out a frame with a whole piece of acrylic board and then putting the display screen inside it, but the effect was not good, leading to an obvious slit.
  2. Glue leakage occurs when the acrylic and the screen are attached

When the glue is used to bond the touch screen and acrylic, the glue will leak to the touch screen’s surface, making the screen’s surface dirty and unsightly.

1. Improve machining accuracy
Abandoning the previous scheme of bonding the entire acrylic frame, adopting segmental high-precision CNC processing, cutting the acrylic into 4 pieces of acrylic strips, splicing and bonding in a T-shaped way, so as to avoid cracks and no LED lights shine out.

2. Improve material performance
To increase the thickness of the acrylic by adding another 3mm, which was originally 3mm thick, and set a notch on the acrylic, so that when the screen is pasted with glue, the glue leakage will be solved.

3. Add assembly fixture
When installing the acrylic, a stable assembly fixture is added. Just put the screen on this fixture, and the acrylic will automatically align to the correct position, and then stick the screen firmly without errors.

4. Optimize the assembly process
Originally, the rear cover of the touch monitor was installed first, and then the acrylic and glass. In order to ensure accuracy, the assembly process was adjusted. The acrylic and glass were installed first, and the rear cover of the touch display was installed last, which increased the efficiency and greatly decreased the cost.

After adjustments, the customer was very satisfied after receiving the sample for testing, and finally confirmed the order. Our professionalism and dedication successfully impressed the customer. For touch display customization, the projects are different and the problems encountered are also different, so it is very important to find a manufacturer with very rich experience.

About Top One Tech
Founded in 2010, Top One Tech has been a professional OEM&ODM manufacturer specializing in the R&D, customization, production and sales services of touch screens, touch monitors and all-in-one touch computers that can be integrated with various machines that are used in multiple industries including casinos, banking, industrial automation, medical equipment, point-of-sale, retail and transportation, industrial equipment, KIOSKs, etc.

We generally can make touch displays for gaming machines like slot machines, roulettes, ticketing machines, etc. We accept small-volume customization requirements and we are aimed to grow with our customers hand in hand. Top One Tech also has a branch that can provide sheet metal product customization and production including metal cases, metal cabinets like slot machine cabinets, metal brackets, etc.

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