Case-27 inch Helix Touch Monitor Requirements for Malaysian Customer’s Slot Machine

The customer comes from Malaysia and they focus on providing industrial and embedded PC automation control solutions, storage system solutions, touch solutions, AI GPU enterprise server solutions, IoT solutions, industry 4.0 solutions and security solutions.

This customer saw from our website that we can provide touch display products and related customization services, so he sent us an inquiry from the Top One Tech Touch website. They wanted to purchase some replacement 27-inch touch monitors for the Helix slot machines of their client. Because our 27-inch Helix touch monitor was still in the sample stage, we told the customer we might not be able to supply them the finished products at that moment. After explaining the situation to the customer, the customer expressed his willingness to purchase a sample for testing first. The customer tested our 27-inch Helix touch monitor sample immediately after receiving it, and found that except for causing the upper screen of the slot machine to flip, all other functions of our product were normal.

After receiving the first feedback from the customer, we initially speculated that there was a problem with the interface between the touch monitor and the game console. We immediately contacted the customer to identify the cause of the problem. At that time, there were no extra machines in our customer’s client’s casino, which made the test event trickier. We had no choice but wait for an appropriate timing. The customer was very anxious during this process. We had been actively providing new solutions to customers, and we even suggested the customer try other potential suppliers. However, the customer was moved by our sincerity and professionalism, always believed that we could solve the problem for them, and continued to work with us to find the solution.

When it came to the second test, the customer said they wanted a separate power supply, and we sent the customer a power adapter and power cord with full assistance. When the second test finished, the customer sent us the test report. It turned out that the cause of the problem was that the game consoles that this monitor is compatible with were different from the gaming machine in the casino, so the programs were also different. The display on the customer’s slot machine was for the latest version of Helix+ slot machine, and the monitor we provided was for Helix model.

Once learning that from our customer, we resent two versions of the AD board with new programs to the customer and started to wait for the customer’s third test. After the third test finished, the customer reported that the flipping problem had been solved. We were very happy to hear that. However, in this test, our adapter failed due to a short circuit. After discussing with the customer, we decided to re-send a new monitor to the customer. On January 24 of the new year, the customer finally conducted the fourth test successfully, and the results were all good. We will wait with the customer for the further test run results of the monitor on the slot machine in two weeks.

We really appreciate the support and trust from the customer during the whole test and communication process. We look forward to having more business and project cooperations with them in the coming year.


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